Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free Sample of All Oxi-Active from WalMart

Let me just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Walmart free samples , but sometimes they go QUICKLY!  Get your sample of HERE before they are all gone! They change periodically, so it's always worth checking every couple of days. Their samples usually take every bit of the stated time to get to you (typically 4 wks), but sometimes get to you a little quicker. I don't usually change laundry soaps too often, but I find that the samples that are out there are WONDERFUL for keeping on hand for an extra stain removing soak, washing seasonal items, or just for keeping on hand for when you run low on your standard detergent. Let me know how it works on YOUR tough stains :).

Language Of The Leaf Free Tea Sample

I'm a tea lover, how about you? I can get into a good cup of hot tea pretty much all year round, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to experiment with different teas for summertime iced teas too! Language Of The Leaf  has a WONDERFUL selection of teas just waiting to be tried! If you would like a sample, just enter your name on the left side of the page and that will take you to another page where you can sign up for their mailing list and then choose which tea you would like to sample (I chose the Ginger Peach Apricot . Seems like a great way to sample something new and exciting, huh?  I'll share my opinion when I get it, and you can too, deal ?

.5 oz Sample of New EOS Shave Cream

Are YOU shaveworthy??  Can a shave cream make you smile?? EOS thinks that, yes, indeed it can! The last sample I got from EOS was a full sized lip balm sphere (that I HEART!!!). I am very excited to try something else from EOS---ESPECIALLY a shave cream that is soap free (which means ULTRA moisturizing),lets me shave wet or dry, and DOESN'T have a metal rim on the bottom (HATE HATE HATE those rings on the side of the tub, don't you??) . EOS says that your legs will stay softer longer. Head on over to EOS and snag your sample! When I get mine, I'll let you know my opinion, and you can share yours :).

25 Hilariously Inaccurate Knock-Off Toys

25 Hilariously Inaccurate Knock-Off Toys ... I'm partial to Benign Girl and Specialman...

Free NeilMed Sinus Rinse Starter Kit (Facebook Offer)

I love Facebook, and NOT just because I can be a farmer, a hit man, or a vampire all day if I choose! There are TONS of deals to be had EVERY day. Go ahead on over to NeilMed on Facebook. After you "like" them, click on the "free sinus..." tab, and you can request your very own Sinus Rinse Starter Kit by clicking the line in red type .  ***NOTE*** Customers/households who have already requested a free NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot, are not eligible for this promotions. Repeat requests will be discarded.
Hurry up! This is a limited time offer!. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FREE Photo Mousepad @ Riteaid

THANK YOU, Chris from for posting this!!! Go to HERE   ,  select "Personalized Gifts" "For Office" after you have chosen your photo. When you check out, choose the "in store pick up" option, and use coupon code FREEMSPD   during checkout. DON'T forget to print the transaction page, as you will need to have that with you as proof of purchase when you go to pick up your order.