Saturday, November 12, 2011

ECOlunchbox Stainless Steel Lunch Tray

Here it is! Don't you love it! What a great alternative to plastic or paper plates.

Do you have a whippersnapper who hates having their food touch? If you do, you know it can get exasperating. Sure, there are plastic plates available for your toddlers and other young children to use, heck there are plastic ones out there for ALL of us to use. But it seems that every day, you are hearing of yet another  chemical in the plastic is horrible for you and your child. Makes you feel like there is very little out there that is actually *SAFE* for your children and yourself to use. HELP!

From the ECOlunchboxes  site:

"Say goodbye to plastic and paper plates! Plastic-free, lead-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free & waste-free. Perfect for any meal or snack, great for camping and picnics. Holds one main and two side dishes.

Will not retain stains, odors or residues. Is non leaching, unbreakable, and dishwasher safe. 100% high-quality, food-safe stainless steel. Independently tested lead free. Made in India."
I really like the idea of this stainless steel tray, and cannot WAIT to try it out! While Alexander is a human garbage disposal, Sedona is VERY particular about her food touching, and I am very interested in how this works. AND , the BIGGEST thing that has me excited, is the fact that it seems PERFECT for the holiday season, when they want a little bit of everything on the holiday buffets! Can't wait!  I'm already guessing that I will need to purchase another one in addition to the one that will be sent to me to review.

I will also be giving one away in the near future, so you don't want to miss out on the opportunity :). More on that in a future post ;). If you DON'T want to miss out, there are some things you can do to show your desire to be in the running to win one of these:

1)  Go HERE and "Like" the ECOlunchboxes Facebook page, and while you are there, look around at their posts and products--LOTS to see!

2)  Go HERE  and "Follow" the ECOlunchboxes Twitter feed. And while you're there, send them a mention of brand love!

3)  Go HERE and "Like" this picture, comment that Shoestring Muse is talking about this tray, and share the pic of the tray on your own FB wall


4)  Go HERE  and like the NEW OFFICIAL ShoestringMuse Facebook page, post a comment on the wall, and share the page on your own facebook wall.

As I said before, I am SUPER excited to have the opportunity to not only try and review this product, but I am REALLY chomping at the bit to share one with one lucky winner! Details on how a winner for the next giveaway will be chosen will be posted on a future blog post, but (SPOILER ALERT!)-- Those who are 18 or over and choose to do all 4 steps and actually make meaningful comments and take the time to share the product and the site will STRONGLY be considered among the top contenders ;).

Stay Tuned!!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NEW Dedicated Facebook Page For The Blog!

Finally did it! Now, onto adding fans to Page! Please share!  Looking forward to sharing to a broader audience!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"missy13d69" YOU ARE A WINNER!!!!!

Melisa Bartlett Dodrill

You, my dear, are a winner! And if Blogger wasn't being such an asshole tonight, there would have been a post sooner! SO....get me your information, girl, and I will forward it on to ECOlunchboxes so they can send you your Furoshiki Wrap and supercool SPORK!


Monday, November 7, 2011

FUROSHIKI ECOlunchwrap...and a SPORK--Review and GIVEAWAY!

I became a fan of ECOlunchboxes on Facebook all because of one of those sidebar ads you see along the right side of your home page. Just because their things looked cool! I fell in LOVE with this VERY unique alternative to a disposable bag for what I would be bringing along with me. SO--I sent an email to them to see if they would be willing to allow me to review one, and they were EXTREMELY happy to send me NOT ONLY a beautiful wrap to use and review, but also one of THESE nifty creatures!
A STAINLESS STEEL SPORK!!! Who knew these even existed! But they DO! I was thrilled! Why? DUDE----stainless steel spork! How cool is this!

But...I digress. Returning to the Furoshiki wrap ... Isn't it a lovely idea?!?!

I have been taking small steps to try to reduce my own carbon footprint on this planet, and also those from my family. Note I said "small". Nothing is ever an easy change, especially when we are living in a disposable society that thinks nothing of adding to the landfills. I'm trying. I really am, and I found that this wrap is very helpful to me me. I have used it to tote snacks for the kids, as well as a nice sized little lunch to take to the playground. What I like about it is that I can also use it as a little table cloth to put my items out on, and it's SO pretty! Best part of my experience was when my daughter told me she wouldn't "hate" using this to take HER lunch to school in HAHAHA.

I thought it would take me awhile to get the hang of wrapping it the right way, but NO...the instructions are right there, and it is EASY PEASY! I think my next purchase from them will be the Stainless Steel Solo Cube - it will be nice to have a stainless steel container for my goodies!

There is plenty of room for a sandwich and an apple, or a salad container. AND LET'S NOT FORGET THE SPORK!! It is SO small and cute! It took a couple bites to get used to because it doesn't have a handle, but I don't have to worry about hunting down whatever plasticware I  normally would use, because this is good for both the salad AND the pudding cup, baby!

A word of caution, though--I HIGHLY recommend that if you pack a sandwich with anything like an apple, PUT IT IN A HARD CONTAINER...otherwise, it can get SMOOSHED. If it is packed with something like a pudding cup, or some chips or baby carrots, not so much. Especially if you keep your lunch/snack in a safe place until you get to use them!

Also, not insulated (OBVIOUSLY), so you either need to add in an ice  pack (UNDER your food--NOT rocket science here..) if you need to have something kept cool, or put it in the fridge at work.

All in all, I have to give two thumbs up to the furoshiki wrap and the spork. The company is ALL about sustainability and PROMOTING sustainability. Maybe the lunch you packed from your homemade goodies is all from sustainable sources. What better way to carry that on then with sustainable packaging for your lunch??

Just look at this chart:

Eye opening....what the average consumer wastes in not only $$ but in packaging! 

Do you want to reduce your own TRASH footprint? Would you like to own one of these SUPER pretty and sustainably sourced and made Furoshiki wraps?

WELL ... today is your LUCKY day, my friend! ONE lucky reader will be chosen at random to receive not only a Furoshiki wrap, but a STAINLESS STEEL SPORK as well! Here are the 4 things I need you to do:

(1)Go HERE and "LIKE" ECOlunchboxes on Facebook (and please post here what your facebook name is)

(2)Go HERE and post a great comment on the Furoshiki Wrap photo about the wrap and mentioning that The ShoestringMuse Blog sent you (AND REMEMBER--I ALSO NEED YOUR FACEBOOK NAME ON A COMMENT ON THIS POST)

(3)Follow ECOlunchboxes on Twitter and Follow ME on Twitter and then post a comment on THIS blog post with your twitter handle.

(4)Follow this blog with Google Friend Connect

The winner will be chosen randomly on TUESDAY, 11/8/11 at 6pm EST. I will be posting the winner's name shortly after that here on the blog and also HERE on my facebook page (so if you aren't my friend already, please send me a request so you can see the post!). The winner will have 24 hours to furnish me with their name and shipping information. Otherwise, an alternate winner will be chosen. This prize will actually be shipped directly to the winner from ECOlunchboxes.


Good luck!!