Monday, August 30, 2010

Bunny Love!!!!

Found this on the Lion Brand website yesterday and decided to whip one up last night. ISN'T IT CUTE????  Think I'm gonna make some more!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So....long story short, Heather lost her wallet today. She was FRANTIC!!!! After retracing our steps to look for it, we came home. She was getting ready to make her calls regarding her cards and such, when she saw there was a voicemail. Luckily, she checked her voicemail before cancelling her cards--A truck driver who had just left a dealership after dropping off a load of cars spotted her wallet and its contents scattered on Jonestown Road (near the on ramp from I83). HE (60 yo man!!) PULLED HIS RIG OVER...GOT OUT (IN LUNCH TRAFFIC!!!) AND GATHERED UP HER WALLET AND ALL OF ITS CONTENTS (which were SCATTERED all over the road!!) !!!! He saw (on her license) she was young and thought she would be frantic about it, called the State police, who told him to take it to the local police dept (which he couldn't do, seeing that he really couldn't drive the 89 ft rig through Lower Paxton Township :)). He then saw there was a business card from where she purchased her car in her wallet,called them, gave them her information and his number, and decided to stay pulled over until he heard back from someone. The car place found her information in their files, called her and left her a message (after trying to track her down where she works, which didn't work because she was off today!) with the truck driver's number. She called him right away, and arranged to meet him about 5 min. away from here (I went with her). We met up with him and he was REALLY hesitant to take ANYTHING, but he did finally take $10 and 5 free MetroMint water coupons that I had grabbed before we headed out :). We don't even know his name, but are SO THANKFUL that there ARE honest, NONJERKS left in the world! 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lifelock ... an opinion

Last month,I was invited by to participate in a Lifelock campaign(I am a "bzzagent"-which means I am offered products/services in exchange for my honest opinion).I was offered a whole year of Lifelock Identity Theft protection for a WHOLE year for FREE! While I do feel somewhat safer that I have a whole year of my identity being guarded(...I said "somewhat"...),I still don't get why, since the technology IS available, EVERY US citizen isn't guaranteed a safeguarded identity.I am an average citizen,and the current economy doesn't afford me the luxury of spending what we work very hard for on this service (Though, their infomercials w/Montel ARE compelling),and I have to say in all honesty that, even though I feel some level of "safeness",this is not something I would use my discretionary income on.NOT because I believe the services aren't "worth it", but because I loathe the mere principle that only people who can afford it in our society will have their identity safeguarded to the level that Lifelock offers.I recommend this service IF you can spare the cash (after feeding,clothing,and caring for your family in economy which is very unfriendly to the working class).I know some nay sayer might suggest, "Can you afford NOT to protect your identity?", and to that, I can only say, "Well,sir (or ma'am),after paying my housing/insurance/grocery/electric/water/housing costs,I really can't "afford" to protect my identity...".