Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seth Godin To The World -> GO Make Something Happen!


Everyone knows by now that I am a Bzzagent. One of my current campaigns is The Domino Project . Since I have been involved with buzzing about the project, I have received some hard copies and all Kindle copies of the books released thus far, and have buzzed from time to time about them. But this buzz, although about The Domino Project, is more focused on Seth Godin himself.

See, While reading THIS ARTICLE about a man in DIRE need of a bone marrow match  I happened to see Seth Godin's name mentioned. What it said just solidified what I have long suspected now.... Seth Godin is the REAL FRIGGIN DEAL! One of his taglines is "GO Make Something Happen". And he TRU:LY lives it! IN addition to all the work he has done on and for The Domino Project , He has somehow found the time to make the MAGNANIMOUS gesture of offering up $10,000 of his OWN money towards the total dollar amount that friends of  THIS GENTLEMAN  are willing to shell out for the FIRST bone marrow match that happens....WHETHER OR NOT the matched person decides to donate!

Now, since it is ILLEGAL to purchase human organs, this reward was set up to motivate potential donors and hopefully find a match for  This poor man who was recently diagnosed with Acute Leukemia.

In this world of increasing myopia, it is BEYOND AMAZING to me when I come across someone who not only TALKS THE TALK , but truly WALKS THE WALK of making things happen.  Just when I feel like I have lost even more faith in the human condition, someone comes along to snatch me from the BRINK of becoming a complete and utter misanthrope.

THANK YOU, Seth Godin , for showing that you ARE WHAT YOU DO, AND DO WHAT YOU ARE!

I TRULY hope that a match is found, AND that the said match doesn't take the money and run. Because then, that would make that person a HUGE steaming pile of shit, a sick man even sicker, and turn me IRREVERSIBLY into a misanthrope! I don't want to be that....I hope that a match is found, and that everyone involved lives long and healthy lives.

FYI --  if you are interested in becoming a bone marrow donor, GO HERE -- all the information is right there.

Until next time...