Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Stench In Time

How much olfactory assault can mom's nose take before she barfs? Well, Alexander seems to want to up the ante every single time he fills the diaper lately. And my GAWD!!! The sheer volume that boy produces is quite a feat! These little gifts lately wouldn't be so bad if they weren't accompanied half the time with the obligatory hand in the diaper which is then pulled out to show me that indeed, "Mama, I Tinky". ***CRINGE*** I love my little man to death, but I have to face facts...he is a boy, and it would seem that boys are intrigued by every bodily excretion. I know this is normal, and that is physical infatuation with his own poop will eventually segue into typical boy potty humor by the time he hits kindergarten. ~~~~~~~~sigh~~~~~~~~~~~

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