Friday, March 4, 2011

Stork Brokers! Sell Your Kids' Used Items!!


Ah, kids — they grow up so fast! Which means they grow out of stuff fast, too. So what can you do with their toys, clothes and accessories after they’ve moved on to something new? Sell them on and find new value in your kids’ old things. Then when it’s time to restart the cycle, know you can find the stuff you need at reasonable prices right here, too. Sell, shop, save! If only every part of parenting was this easy.

As a buzzagent, I was offered the opportunity to try the site out, with my first three sales being FREE!!! What a bargain! Fee Free selling of the kids no-longer-loved items is WIN WIN!!!! I was offered this opportunity in exchange for my honest opinion of the site (which, so far, and conceptually is FABU!!!).
Come on over and join me! You can check it out first by clicking through the picture, and if you decide to create an account, come back and go through this link  -- if you DO, your first free sales will be FREE TOO!!!

Yes, you DO need a Paypal account to be able to sell your items on Stork Brokers, but you can open one for free and commence to purging! Spring is just around the corner, and if your kids grow as fast as mine, new season means more $$ being shelled out for clothes! Great way to bolster what you may be buying new for your children, especially in this economy :).

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Imsum1els said...

Love your blog and how detailed you get with your reviews, great job! I was wondering how you got the BzzAgent icon at the bottom of this post? I looked through my BzzAgent profile and couldn't find out how.