Saturday, April 2, 2011

Internet Safety With Trend Micro--What's YOUR story?

Have you heard about the friend who's stuck in London and needs $2,000 to get home? As a smart Internet user, you likely know an Internet scam when you see it. And you're pretty good about protecting your personal information. Right? But, what about your friends, and family?
Glad you asked! I was SO glad to be introduced to this by BzzAgent (of which I am one!)  -- Nothing is in it for me on this one beyond a solid commitment to spread awareness of internet safety and STOPPING THE SCAMMERS!!!  BzzAgent is committed to raising more awareness to Internet safety and stopping online bullying. Want to help us out? Our friends at Trend Micro have created a special website focused on staying safe online. We need your help to spread and make a difference! Our children are WORTH IT!!!


Let's work together to make the Internet a safer place!---STOP THE SCAMMERS IN THEIR TRACKS!!!
Trend Micro, a global leader in web security, is running an exciting initiative to promote the cause of Internet safety. It's a video contest, and we need your help VIEWING, VOTING and SHARING the videos. You'll learn a lot about keeping your kids - and yourself - safe online. And you'll help educate others too.
We need your help to spread the word about this initiative. As a part of this program, spread the word about this contest on your Twitter, Facebook and/or Blog to raise awareness for this cause.
Here are some resources to help you learn more about the importance of Internet safety:

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