Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2 Years Of Missing Sweet Vylette Moon...

I remember the birth stories of all my children as if they happened yesterday. Birth stories *should* be happy, and mine were. I was lucky. I know, my story of my Heather's (the oldest) birth is wrought with awfulness, and I KNOW I was VERY lucky to be able to carry children after that.  And any of the hiccups that came my way (including Alex's week long stay in the NICU) PALE in comparison to the story of sweet Vylette Moon.

See, Vylette came into this world two years ago this Thankgsgiving Day...11/28/11. But, due to the negligence of the midwives that were supposed to be tending to and encouraging the birth of sweet Vylette, she never got to open her beautiful eyes. She was kept alive until 12/3/11 by machines until she let her mommy know it was time to set her free. Vylette never got to nuzzle her mother and play with her mother's hair as she surely would have done while feeding, had her mother gotten the chance to nurse her. Vylette never got to experience the warm, fuzzy belly raspberries that her daddy would surely have given her.

I wouldn't do justice to sweet Vylette's story by telling it myself, because my very dear friend, Vylette's mother, has told it HERE already in the most raw and hauntingly sad writing you will ever read. You will also see the raw story in pictures HERE  And as hard as it is to read, I think one must. Because Vylette's story is not finished. There needs to be justice for sweet Vylette, and if you are saddened and enraged by what happened to cause my dear friend to experience the most awful thing a parent can ever go through, then YOU.CAN.HELP! PLEASE like and share VYLETTE'S PAGE - her story needs to be shared as much as possible. The midwives involved NEED to be held accountable.

You all know that I am a grieving mother myself, so I understand the hurt that it entails. And I know that the holidays can be particularly painful when we are missing the little ones that are SUPPOSED to be there with us, enjoying every single minute of the festivities. But my heart literally ACHES for my friend Jackie, Vylette's mommy. I hurt for her, because I got to bring my babies home, I got to nuzzle my babies through their infancies, I got to see their beautiful eyes, I got to get my hair grabbed while nursing them. Jackie was ROBBED of ALL of that, and my heart hurts that one of the only things left to do to help my friend is to share Vylette's story in hopes that the more people that see it, justice will be served. It won't bring Vylette back, but if the right people are held accountable, what happened to sweet Vylette will never happen to another parent because of them. Please help spread sweet Vylette's story!

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