Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Catastrophe #1--While not falling under the true definition of catastrophe, Bruce had a severe pain in his mouth, and to my astonishment, actually called the dentist, who in turn called in an rx for penicillin and vicodin (is it so very wrong to be jealous??). Since we are both going on the 11th anyway for our semiannual checkup, the dentist was hoping this would work. Thankfully, it was indeed a small infection, and the rx worked wonders. I don't understand, though I do admire, Bruce's utter refusal to even use the vicodin that he filled...We all know what a low tolerance for any kind of pain in the mouth region I have ! I mean, if I were the one in that kind of pain, I would have been on that stuff like white on rice, and would have made Bruce be the one to breastfeed! Kudos, my love!!

Catastrophe #2--So it's a quiet night at home, and Heather is home for the night to hang out with me and watch a couple of previously t-voed programs we both enjoy (no, I won't defend my watching of America's Next Top Model, and who couldn't love The Closer?????). We were just allowing Alexander to finish watching an episode of FooFoo (translating from toddler speak, FooFoo = Zoboomofoo)before bedtime as I was nursing Sedona. Then, it would be an evening of happy times with the tv. Well, as I was burping Sedona, all of a sudden, she began gasping and became rigid! She had several of these episodes in rapid succession in which she couldn't catch her breath and her face was getting beet red. With 5 children, I have never experienced that and was very unnerved. Then, just as quickly as it all began, she sighed, and fell fast asleep. I didn't know what to think!! Was it a seizure (no fever or illness)?? Was it a heart attack(huh??)?? I decided to call Bruce at work, and we took her to the ER, where we ultimately found out that it was merely an attack of reflux, and that sometimes an infant's esophagus can spasm during these attacks (who knew??). At any rate, she was fine, and we both felt like complete idiots for being there when there were far sicker children for them to be seeing.

Catastrophe #3--Well, this is the doozie, so I will just come out with it. Alexander was bitten right in the twig & berries by the dog that belongs to Pama & Papa while his diaper was being changed (Pama = grandma, Papa = grandpa). I won't go into the entire back story involving the dog (german shep), but she does have a "seizure related aggression disorder", and has been on medication for several years for it. The fate of Katie (Pama's dog) is still undecided, though the two options are either euthanizing her or hoping that a german shepherd rescue group will take her (which Bruce thinks is unlikely, given her history, and her aggression against other animals and humans that are not immediate family--and fyi...her inner circle is very small, and doesn't include moi).This incident is a very sore subject for all involved, but, to end on a high note, Alexander's twig and berries are healing nicely from the small punctures that did not go through to the muscle (WHEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!!) and the bruising. The very ugly swelling and redness are also dissipating, thanks to some diligent neosporin usage and the evening bath with three capfuls of Clorox in the water (as a pediatrician recommended treatment, since our spirited little man thwarts every one of our very valiant efforts to get the Augmentin down his throat). I'm honesty surprised that Alexander's initiation into the boyhood club of injury related ER visits was this and NOT an injury related to his climbing...I hope he makes it through childhood with all his teeth, no broken bones, and no stitches...............................sigh...............................At least this one wasn't of his own doing, right??

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