Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cheap Date

Ahh, what price, happiness?!?!?! During a recent trip to Hershey's Chocolate World, I found out! Since Alexander had been begging to go to "Chocwat Wowld" for a couple weeks now, we decided to go. He LOVES the ride, but what he loves more, is shopping for chocolate! While we were shopping, and Alexander was carrying around his beloved treasure (a bag of candy that would later be given to Pama & Papa), I spied the Hershey's chocolate treat that I love MOST...The Golden Almond Bar! It's nothing like a hershey bar with almonds. The chocolate is smooth, and the almonds are whole and abundant! At any rate, in the interest of brevity and since I am in no way being compensated for my ramblings, I will say that yes, I purchased my find. After making our purchases, we decided to take Alexander on the ride again (which is a mock tour of the entire Hershey's manufacturing outfit) since Sedona needed to be nursed, and it was as low lit and quiet as cold be. As I was nursing Sedona and nibbling a small piece of Golden Almond Bar, we were going through the stage where you actually smell cocoa. At that moment, I spied Alexander, who was on Bruce's lap, staring with the kind of wonder reserved for two-yr-olds...At that moment, nursing my beautiful baby, eating the food of the gods, experiencing olfactory perfection, and seeing the wonder in my precious boy's eyes, I knew that pure, unadulterated happines (at least on that day) cost me a mere $2.95...the cost of the chocolate that was the coup de gras of my wonderful evening with my family (redux).

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