Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A New Era

Well, this is the dawn of a new era in my family--Heather's first vote!! So this morning, I gave Her a lift to work, and I brought up the subject of election day. This is her first big election, and I wondered if she had made a decision yet. She hadn't, and I told her it was ok, because in this election, there are many in her shoes. We got to discussing other non-presidential candidates when she told me that there were some that she still didn't know enough about, but she was of the opinion that there definitely needs to be a change in our country, which I agreed to. She brought up the recent news of Exxon's most profitable quarter EVER and that was a record for ALL petroleum producers. We then discussed how long it took those stimulus checks to get out to the populace from the time the idea first came about--which lead to a discussion about this assinine bailout package that was rushed through, and started to be doled out right after it passed. We both read last week that once the companies get it, they are allowed to use it as they see fit...and a lot of those companies are using the money to bolster the bonuses they offer their bigwigs. This part of the discussion had me interjecting MY voting strategy of not voting for incumbents, because if we keep allowing the same jerks to keep their offices and to keep passing idiotic bills(even in PA a couple of years ago,our legislators voted themselves a pay raise, while there was also a freeze on state employee pay raises--including staff at state universities), than we might as well just break out the KY, because they are going to just keep doing it to us. You know, my ever insightful daughter's answer to this remark was this--"yea, because they didn't even spit on it (before they rammed us with that bailout package)." LOLOLOL I busted out laughing so hard!!! I have been worried that she wasn't educating herself enough on any issue, and here, she has been all along...with a healthy bit of cynicism to boot!! LOLOLOL

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