Thursday, November 6, 2008

September Glue With UHU

Finally! I have remembered to photograph my small UHU project! I took my kit (glue and aluminum case) and stared at it for days until I had an "aha" moment. That moment came when I decided I needed a simple little "rescue" case to keep at work. Now, this rescue case has so far served several purposes (holding my tea stash, holding some loose change and my debit card, and most recently, an entire 18 ct box of OB's super absorbency--which I tell you, because anything larger than that won't fit....TRUST me on this one!). When I decided what I wanted, I decided I wanted to make it simple and pretty. I crochet, but I also bead. One of the things I have done in the past is to use as many coupons as I can when Michael's and ACMOORE have them and get beads (or yarn, depending on what I am currently working on). Seed beeds cost me about 75 cents per vial with a coupon, so I always stock up on them. Another thing I do to bolster my bead stash is to find costume jewelry at the Dollar store (or anywhere else that has good clearance on jewelry--Kohl's is good), and buy it up, take it apart, and repurpose it! The embellishments on this aluminum case are simply seed beeds in forest green and rust, and silver plated rings that were salvaged from some heinous dangly earrings from the Dollar store that I cleaned them out of (who else was going to buy them, honestly???), and the UHU glu. from the September challenge. What I did was simply to place the rings on the case in a pattern. Then, I filled the rings with the glue, slightly moving the rings form side to side so that the glue would also move under the ring. After this was done, I scooped the seed beads into the glue. After it dried, I placed another drop on top and put osme more beads to make it a raised design. After these were dry. I squeezed more glue on top, and let it dry again, so that the beads were completely sealed. Very easy, and now I have very non-descript case that will serve several purposes! I can't wait to do another project! By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this particular glue!! It dries perfectly clear, and sticks things to metal wonderfully!!
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SarahP.Fuller said...

I love the whole OB holder thing. Now that is truly brilliant.

Great job.