Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yes! It's true! I love Stride gum. When they first came out with the Shift flavors, I was intrigued. So much so that I actually had my own taste off between the two Shift flavors (Berry Mint and Citrus Mint). For two weeks, I channeled my inner Violet Beauregarde and diligently chewed both flavors, devoting equal time to each. Now, as you know, Stride Gum is TRULY ridiculously long lasting, and BOTH flavors fully lived up to that expectation. However, my winner was (HANDS DOWN!!) the Citrus Mint. I just fell in LOVE with the initial citrus burst that slowly transformed into minty freshness that lasted all day. Here's the deal...I have 3 packs of Stride Citrus Mint Gum that I will give away. I will choose 3 random ShoestringMuse followers who (A)Comment on this post by telling me about the last time they were pleasantly surprised, and (B)Post a link to my giveaway on either your Facebook page or your Twitter feed!!! (Just add a link to your method of sharing to your comment). I will choose 3 winners at random on Friday, July 16th, and will post the names of the winners by midnight EST on July 16th. I will also contact the winners via a message to either their Facebook or Twitter page that they post a link to on their comment ;).



Anonymous said...

The last time I was pleasantly surprised was when I woke up. I was doing SwagBucks all night and finally went to bed around 7 am. I woke up and it was only noon. :)

Buckeye23 said...

The last time i was pleasantly surprised, is when i won a special limited edition poster on the Fox instant win game. :D

Followed you and posted on twitter.

Btw, i am Buckeye23 on FST :)

honeyrose80 said...

The last time I was pleasantly surprised was when Rick proposed. I was at work waiting on him to bring em my lunch, but instead he brought me roses and a ring.

I posted a link to your giveaway on Facebook.

Schack32 said...

Last pleasant surprise I had was a week ago when an online friend won an auction on Listia and had the win sent to me. Totally selfless, pleasant and unexpected. What a kind-hearted person she is.

Anonymous said...

A - When I got a first prize win of a FLIP HD camera on my front door when I came home.
B -


thanks for the opportunity :)

josh miazga said...

The last time i was pleasently surprised is when i got a free mp3 player

Mishie said...

Hey Brenda, I'm Mishie on FST!

The last time I was pleasantly surprised was this morning when Kirianna woke me up with a kiss and said "I love you the most Mommy!" Usually she just comes in and pats my arm saying "Mommy wake up!" lol

I posted a link on my facebook account. :)

marioswifey said...

the last time i was pleasantly suprised was when i found out i was pregnant with my chunky monkey.

Anonymous said...

The last time I was pleasantly surprise was a week ago. When I got home, UPS had dropped off a big box of "goodies" from my mom. :)

I posted your link on my FB page.

Billie (FST)

honeyrose80 said...

Last time I was pleasantly surprised was when RW came to my job and proposed. He was suppose to bring me lunch, but instead brought me roses and a ring.

Posted the link on FB

Schack32 said...

Here is the link to my post...I commented a few days ago :)

BLHess said...

Thank you to everyone who participated!I have chosen the 3 winners, and they are Honeyrose80,Josh Miazga,and Schack32. I have informed the winners :).