Friday, October 1, 2010

30 Days of Brenda, Days #26,27,28...COWPIES, fears, and yearning OH MY!!!

So today is a consolidation of sorts....I have been a busy beaver the last several days crocheting my hiney off. 3 days in one post!!! I did it before, I can do it again ;).

Day #26..."My Fears"
Another hard one to really "sum up" succinctly, but I'll give you the short list of things I fear intermingled with things I do not (no longer/never have feared).

Since watching my daughter die, I no longer "fear" own end will me no match for the devastation and pain of losing her.
I no longer "fear" my father...
I DO still sometimes "fear" the dark. You know, in that way that sometimes, you get "spooked", climb under your covers, and don't even peek out.

Day#27..."My Favorite Place"
Oh, THIS is a fun one!!! HANDS DOWN, my favorite place in the WHOLE USA would have to be the The Cow Pies outside of Sedona, Arizona--aptly named, because, from above, they look like, well....COWPIES!!!  Just imagine--hiking to the top of that one right in the middle of this picture, just sitting there, and being so encompassed and enrobed in not only the sheer beauty of your surroundings, but also the ancient energies that are just humming around you. To say it's an awe-inspiring experience would be a gross understatement. I DID hike to the top of that Cow Pie right there in the center, and was both overwhelmed and humbled at the same time. I truly felt my own significance AND insignificance in "the grand scheme of things" (don't ask how that's possible, but it is--just sit on the top of a Cow Pie, you'll "get it" ;)).

Day # 28..."Something I Miss"
There are a lot of things I have "missed" on and off over the are a few:
Seinfeld....What's the deal with that??
Little "Mom & Pop" shops that sell tons of penny candy

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