Thursday, October 7, 2010

October is here! 31 days of crochet!!!!!!

I have deemed October as the month I begin posting some of my crochet projects and project updates (with perhaps an article of jewelry or two thrown in for good measure...). Since I have been having problems with my connectivity for the last several days, I will summarize the last few days' worth of projects.
Baby Starghan Coverlet  made from a SUPER soft Angora Rabbit/ Lamb's Wool blend harvested from a thrift store sweater using this pattern .
Starghan made for Alex using this pattern ... BOTH of these were begun using the pattern, and then I crocheted as many rounds as I needed for the size I wanted.

Earflap hat  made for Sedona from some very soft blue boucle acrylic yarn harvested from a thrift store sweater and pink fuzzy yarn from my stash.

Today, working on some gifts (beginning another couple starghans and some kitchen towels), and also in the tedious process of deconstructing another GORGEOUS Angora Rabbit/Lamb's Wool blend sweater (cream color).


marioswifey said...

oooohhh i so want that first star its so awesome

Carmen said...

Very cute! Love the stars! :)