Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Go Go's Crazy Bones BONANZA!

Well, we had our semi-intimate Go Go's Crazy Bones Bonanza party (brought to you by Child's Play Party) Yesterday! Wow! The Kids went absolutely bananners! We DID have a few glitches though....RAIN. My whole plan was to have the party OUTSIDE--and to use the back fence as an aid with a couple of the games. SO--we moved the party INSIDE. Let me just say---one word can sum up the ensuing chaos at the beginning of the party--KAHRAZY!!!!! I thought I had been pro-active in plugging in my camera to charge the night before, only to find when I unplugged it at party time that I had inadvertently plugged it into a switch controlled outlet that was (YOU GUESSED IT!) (so NO FREAKING CHARGE!!!). So I thought I would have my Iphone handy. Nope....Sedona had been entertaining herself with an app, and when I went to find it, it was nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE. The vortex of my home just swallowed it up--and I had it on silent from my earlier trip out. Nice, right? Soooooo....this brings me to having to use my wonderful and oh so captivating way with words to conjure up the scene of my fiasco party.

PICTURE it--12 children--4 girls, 8 boys, ages 5-9--and 14 adults inside a 2 bedroom townhouse on a rainy day (Oh...and Bruce had cracked a molar and ended up having it pulled yesterday too--it was like there was a cloud over our house for a bit!!). YES, my dumb moment regarding the camera was already casting a pall over my head, and then being unable to find my phone to at least be able to capture images that way was REALLY chapping my hide. HOWEVER. The excitement of the GoGo's party was truly palpable in the kids, so it was soon VERY easy to feed off of that! I really was SUPER surprised at how sharing and giving the older kids were with the younger ones....they wanted to play the "marbles" style game, where you keep the ones you knock out, but one of the boys had suggested that might not be a good idea with the younger ones, as they may not understand and get "all whiny" (well said, I though...well said!). The game they all settled on was the game that is played a-la "Pass The Pigs" style, where you get different points, depending on the way the Go Go falls. ALL of the kids LOVED this. The other moms and I had previously opened the packets of Go Go's so they were all in a box for the kids to take out. They all (with eyes closed) chose some out of the box and began playing. To my surprise, ALL the kids (even 2 yo Sedona!!!!) played WELL with this game, and we all loved "keeping score"! After the "practice" rounds to make sure the younger ones had the hang of it, I unveiled the two grand prizes (we had one each of Mosh and Miro K, the latter of which I had one from the Facebook page), and had these up for the top boy and top girl scorers.I we played this game for a SOLID hour, which actually went by FAST (good thing too, because that many people in the house with that many children can be a LITTLE stifling, if you get what I mean)! After playing for an hour, the top scorers came up, and got to choose their prizes (eyes closed, out of a bag). Jordie (5 yo girl) was SUPER excited to receive Mosh, as he is "the CUTEST!!!", and Morgan (7 yo boy) was equally impressed with getting the rare Miro K, because he is "SUPER RARE!!!".

It was after this that the "REAL" fun began. The kids didn't know, but we had decided to let them all keep the ones that they had chosen to play the game with.This made them happy, because this was also the time we handed out the bags which had their Sticker book/gogo's sets inside. They commenced to tearing into them, SAVORING the new GoGo's and the stickers, which we had asked them all to place in their sticker books. They were equally as wowed when we brought out the bag of stickers that was leftover from when we had pre-opened all the GoGo's and passed it around for all the children to keep choosing until they were all gone. THEN, on their own, they commenced to not only playing (in a couple smaller groups) the games of their choices, but ALSO trading the GoGo's and the stickers!

It was SO nice to have such a wonderful atmosphere at this party! I was SO disheartened because of the rain, the camera not charging, and the lost Iphone (which, by the way, ended up mysteriously turning up deep inside the bowels of the couch, undamaged), and it felt SO good for the party to go so well. The children were all SO well behaved, and SO grateful for their little party--it made me remember for a brief moment how wonderful things like this are to children, and for a split moment I was able to enjoy the day through their eyes. Yes, I had a couple spills on the couch, and on the carpet, and yes, a few of the GoGo's ended up being used as guided missiles at the cats, but I would not change a thing about the day :).

The kids left with bellies full of Koolaid and cookies, and bags full of GoGo's. I actually found Miro K sitting on top of my tv looking at me---I'll just keep him safe until Morgan remembers he won it and his mom calls about it (but honestly, between you and, I think Miro K is really trying to say he wants me to keep him)

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Glad to hear everyone had such a great time!