Saturday, May 21, 2011

Going 'Poo Free!!

Well, I stumbled across an article that a cousin had posted on her Facebook page regarding eliminating different cosmetics from your daily Hygiene routine. There was a blurb about washing your hair without shampoo (Going 'Poo Free, if you will). I was intrigued, and clicked through the link to this article .I never knew you could wash your hair with baking soda! I knew about the ACV (apple cider vinegar to the uneducated) rinses, and use them occasionally to bring back some shine, and know that brushing with baking soda is WONDERFUL for you and can take away stains THE NATURAL WAY, but had NEVER heard about washing my hair with it!!

SO....I decided that I would experiment on myself. I figured I could commit to a month, why not? AND...when I read that it is a WONDERFUL alternative for young children with sensitive skin, I decided that Sedona was going to join me. If it's a success, wonderful, if not, then we go back to shampoo, no biggie.

I have fine hair that is thinning a bit in the front, and down to my shoulders. It's also mostly straight, but, for some reason, there are random wavy areas that have appeared since I hit 40 (where were those bastard waves when I had stick straight hair and constantly felt the need to PERM my hair in my teens and 20's??). Sedona, of course, has that beautifully gossamer toddler hair that always seems to be in her eyes (hoping she starts keeping some braids in it this summer), and is almost to the middle of her back (I can't bring myself to cut it, it's SO girlie!).

I read that it can take your scalp and hair 2-4 weeks to adjust to the new routine, but I know I can do it! My first "No Poo" day was 2 days ago. Went swimmingly :). It needed a good wash, and it got it! I followed the formula of adding TBSP to 2 C of warm water and dissolving it. Took that up to the shower with me and used it. It really felt weird to not "lather up", but again, I was stoked to be trying something new that could be GREAT for me (AND the pipes!), not to mention the environment! I also did a quick rinse that was composed of 1/4 C ACV and 3/4 C water to close up the cuticle and give me some shine. My hair had no tangles when I combed it wet!

I allowed my hair to air dry (like I do most days--I find that my color lasts longer this way, and so does my  hair trim, because my ends don't get fried!), and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised that my hair not only looked clean, but it felt clean, and it had a neutral, scent that almost reminded me of the way my hair smells at the beach (kind of a sweet, natural, briny scent), and the texture was great--nobody would be able to tell I didn't use shampoo.

Normally, I go about 3 days between shampoos, but after a day and a half, I was a bit limp and looking like I needed a wash, so I did it again today, only I switched it up a bit. Today, I took a small plastic bowl up to the shower with me, and decided to just make a paste in my hands with baking soda and water to see how that worked--I worked my soda paste into my wet hair towards the scalp all over my  head, then rinsed. I did a long rinse because I wanted to make sure the soda was out of my hair, then I used the leftover soda to exfoliate (Bonus! Natural exfoliator!). I chose not to do the ACV rinse today to see what the difference would be and  whether it made any difference as to how long I could go between shampoos (we'll see!).

After my shower, I did some surfing on "The Google", and found that if I was to use the baking soda method for Sedona, I could also sprinkle some in her bath water and not have to use soap! LOVED that idea, because Sedona seems to be sensitive to everything, even sensitive skin formulations. SOoooo...I took her upstairs, with a condiment  bottle full of the baking soda/water solution to see what kind of magic I could weave. And believe me--she needed the bath AND the hair washing (which I usually do every 3 days, otherwise she gets really dry skin with eczema patches) due to today's breakfast that was taking up residence in her hair ends.

Let me also add, that she has never really enjoyed baths, and can't wait to get out of the tub, so sudsing her up and washing her long hair is a challenge .I did the normal quick bath for her, "washed" her hair with the mixture (didn't do the vinegar rinse, though, but I will in her next bath to see how that makes her hair look), and "washed" her with the baking soda bath. She came out squeaky clean, and her skin really didn't feel like it needed any of the normal moisturizer I have to put on her, so I didn't.

I towel dried her hair, and combed it out. As it dried, I happened to notice that it was INCREDIBLY shiny, bouncy,and silky. LOVING THE BAKING SODA FOR HER!!!! Can't WAIT to see if the ACV enhances the shine in her hair :).I'm very excited at the prospect of no longer buying shampoo! Oh...The picture is of me today, after the second baking soda hair wash! Hair looks good, huh?

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