Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Redbox: Thx Redbox 4 my free video! Enter 4 ur chance to win daily prizes at Come on, it's SO easy! So many daily prizes offered! Even the lowest coupon for 25 cents off a $1 rental is pretty sweet! Movie night for 75 cents! Not too shabby! Have at it!

Yes, I have received a free Redbox rental for this mission. But I use Redbox all the time anyway! Sure I have Fios on demand at my fingertips, but for some movies, why pay what they charge when I can get it for $1! Also, Redbox is hosting 12 Days of Deals & Prizes and offering daily prizes from December 13 thru December 24. Text FUN to 727272 for instant savings of 25 cents - $1 off of your movie and game rentals, as well as a chance to be entered to win a daily prize from Redbox. Each day, a random drawing will select a winner with top prizes from Sony, Wii, Barnes & Noble, Activision and more.

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