Thursday, February 10, 2011 --Hit Or Miss? YOU Can Help Me Decide!

We've all been there — the teacher who can't really teach, the textbook that makes things more confusing, the frustration of studying for a big exam. There are a lot of reasons your children might want or need a little extra guidance. That's what is for. Matching students with online lecture videos taught by the best college professors, Educator provides your children with everything they need to succeed in their courses.

Because I am a Buzzagent, I was offered this WONDERFUL campaign to accept one month of free access to their content in exchange for my honest opinion (good OR bad) of it. I'm excited! I was ALSO asked to share an EXCLUSIVE code (  EDUCBMF30    )  with my blog readers/fellow bloggers for a free month of : 

  • Courses in Mathematics, Science and Computer Programming
  • Courses available at junior high, high school and college levels
  • Detailed notes highlighting the most important points
  • Multiple examples worked out and explained in each lecture, with additional worked-out video examples available
I would be VERY interested to know your opinions over the next month or so :).

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