Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Look, Book Save, AND Rave!

Everyone needs a stunning escape

Pack your bags - it's time to take a break from the ordinary. And with SniqueAway at your service, the sleek, chic and always unique aren't nearly as distant as you might think. A novel approach to extraordinary travel, SniqueAway offers members top hotels and A-List accommodations at surprisingly affordable prices. The catch? You need an invite to get in. But don't worry - since I am a Buzzagent, I have been given an exclusive invitation, so I am, in turn, able to share the site with my most valued readers/fellow bloggers (in return for my honest and valued opinion about the site)-- you're on the guest list! So step behind the velvet rope and discover your next dream destination.

A snique peek

  • SniqueAway is part of Smarter Travel Media, a TripAdvisor Media Group company
  • All hotels featured have earned a minimum four-star industry classification and four out of five review ratings on TripAdvisor
  • Exclusive SniqueAway sales only last up to seven days or until the offer sells out

How it works

Understanding SniqueAway is easy. Once you're a member, you simply:
  1. Look. Check out today's swoon-inducing sales and peek at future escapes.
  2. Book. Act fast! These dazzling offers only last up to 7 days.
  3. Save. Get A-List accommodations at Members-Only rates.
  4. Rave. Invite friends to SniqueAway and you'll get $25 credit when they book their first escape.
So go on...let me know what you think! Oh....and feel free to take advantage of any of their deals for any upcoming travel plans :).

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