Friday, August 19, 2011

Green Trash Ninja App!!

This app is under development by the folks at ECOlunchboxes . What a wonderful idea! I see they are still a bit away from their financial goal to develop the app, but there is still PLENTY of time!

Here is the rundown, directly from the page:

Our Story
Did you know that the typical American family generates 4,320 pieces of trash annually during lunchtime? We are ECOlunchboxes, a small business specializing in waste-free lunchware. 
Our dream is to teach children about lunch waste in a fun way and empower them to green their lunchtime habits. How do we want to do this? By developing a smart phone game.
Imagine lunch trash flying in air. The object is to quickly swipe trash into one of 3 cans: recycling, compost & trash. If the trash goes into the correct bin, the bin lights up and blinks. If the trash misses the bin or goes into the wrong bin, it explodes and splats in a pile on the lunchroom floor. Each round has a timer and point threshold to beat. 
Correctly sorted trash wins! 

The Impact

Our landfills and oceans are filling up with trash. Lunchtime provides an opportunity for children to take change into their own hands and green their habits. A study completed by ECOlunchboxes has shown that the typical American family generates 4,320 pieces of trash just during lunchtime! (Study results here
By recycling and adopting sustainable habits at lunchtime, families can dramatically reduce their environmental footprint. 

What We Need & What You Get
We are raising funds to hire a developer to create this smart phone app teaching about lunch waste and recycling. 100% of the funds will go towards programming, creative and other project costs. 

Other Ways You Can Help


1.    Tweet about it! We’re!/ecolunchboxes. Here are some sample tweets that you can copy and paste (or change to make your own or whatever) to make it extra quick and easy for you:

@ecolunchboxes is making an #eco #app for #green kids! Help us obliterate waste & #recycle lunchtime on @indiegogo:

Fun flying #lunch trash! @ecolunchboxes needs help to make an #eco #app for #green #kids. Crowd funding at @indiegogo:

I’m helping @ecolunchboxes make an #eco #app about lunch waste #Green game teaches #recycling and #zerowaste @indiegogo

2.  Post on Facebook! We are Use messages we suggest here or make your own!

Join us in helping @ecolunchboxes make a lunch trash game for kids! This FREE smart phone app called Green Trash Ninja will be fun for kids and teach them about reducing lunchtime waste. DONATE to the cause and win PRIZES.

Check out this crowd funding campaign by our friends at @ecolunchboxes! They want to make a smart phone game for kids to teach about reducing waste and lunchtime and recycling. They're offering PRIZES to donors who help them develop this project.
3.    Post a badge on your blog or your website telling the world that you’re supporting our eco educational project! You can right click and save the badges below to use them. Link the badges back to this page at so more people can learn all about it!  :-)

How cool is this! While you're at it, grab a badge for your blog! 

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