Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Circular Needles!

So when I embarked on this endeavor of trying to learn how to knit, I used what I have always used every time I try. Regular long knitting needles. And as of yesterday, I was still experiencing the same frustration. WELL...I had an idea while I was watching a tutorial--Why not try using circular needles? It seems that most tutorials I find lately on the basics have the circular needles in use, even for flat work. So, I headed out to AC Moore with m handy 40% coupon in hand, and started my search for a decent circular needle.

I am really flying blind at this point. I don't have anyone in my local circle of friends that knits, so I am just finding things out as I go. I stood there for a looooooooooooooong time debating--What size should I get? Should I get plastic? Should I get Aluminum,? Do I spring for Bamboo? GAHH!!!! Then I spied the Susan Bates Velocity Circular Needles! On the package, it says "Super Charge Your Knitting!" WOOT! SO I decided to get a size 11 (US) because the smaller needles frustrate me at this point, so I thought I would prefer a larger needle and work on some project where gauge doesn't matter.

WOW what a difference! The package said that the knitting would move a long alot faster and smoother, and they weren't kidding! I actually got a decent washcloth! Sure, it was all in garter stitch, but hey, that is all I am comfortable knitting at the moment. I am going to edge it with a crocheted edge and post a pic later. I REALLY like these needles, and certainly feel less frustrated than I did a couple days ago ;).

Stay tuned!

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