Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This beautiful ombre yarn is a wool/acrylic blend that I decided to use for a project on this va ation to practice knitting. IN LOVE  with knitting now! Not hating purl anymore :). The scarf is in stockinette stitch.  Still loving the Velocity needles too! Can't wait to move on to socks
and sweaters for the kids! Also trying to whip out some washcloths  with some of that beautiful "Peace & Love" yarn too. Stay tuned!

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Affordable Wonders said...

the yarn looks fab! Love the colors (and the needles I'm still hiding behind bamboo needles don't trust my clumsy hands)

BLHess said...

oooh I really want to try bamboo! I only got these because of the coupon LOL. I ended up unraveling this scarf because I wanted to make a "lengthwise" scarf, posting pics today!