Saturday, July 9, 2011

Plowing Through!

Ok, well I found a lovely ball of Homespun in my stash and decided to make a garter stitch scarf (seeing as though it is the only thing I am comfortable doing!). Knitting is still so foreign to me though, and I am finding that my left ring finger goes numb! Probably because it's not used to being used so much! I'm SO dominantly right-handed that using two hands for something is really *work* for me LOL. Still plowing through, though! Hoping to finish this scarf by the end of the month, I really can't knit for *long* periods of time like I can with crochet due to the hand fatigue, but I'm sure in time I will. I also have several crochet projects to work on as well. Have to get Kimmie's framed crochet owl done for her birthday (pic in the future-can't spoil her surprise on the *off* chance she would actually read my blog...snicker...), and also making a couple sun hats, and want to finish another item for Sedona's birthday. WHEW! 

At any rate, still EXTREMELY happy with these needles, and loving that it goes MUCH smoother with them.  I think the one thing that I REALLY want to learn to knit are socks, but

Leaving for the beach on Sunday, WOOT! Very excited to be going back with the kids, and can't wait to take Kimmie. She loves Assateague, and she would love being at the beach with Alex and Sedona. 

Trying to decide what kind of project I will be taking with me to work on. Kimmie picked out some cotton with a 70's inspired colorway today and asked for some washcloths from it (Here is the colorway, it's by Bernat, and it's from the *Peace & Love* collection - called "Psychedelic")

I also want to make a giant Granny throw for the couch with some stash yarn. We'll see, just have to keep the hands busy on the trip, because Bruce likes to hog the driving on our trips ;).


Sonia said...

Your doing awesome learning to knit. I have tried in the past, but no luck. I finally have got the hang of crochet, once I figured out how to do it left handed. :)

Hope you have a great time at the beach!

God bless and keep you,

BLHess said...

Thanks! I wish it was easier for me to pick up the other stitches, but I am hoping that will come in time. I really want to move on to socks!!That has to be a little harder with being left handed, most tutorials I see seem to have right handed crafters. Thanks for the good beach wishes! We're REALLY looking forward to it!