Monday, November 1, 2010

Hirsute Haiku

Hairs like cold steel wire

Roots like anchors in my chin

Why can't you let go???

No Shave November is upon us! MY  MY  MY where has the year gone?!?!?!?!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Tom Just  -- but for your creation of this event , this blog posting would be entirely about something else (perhaps something mundane, perhaps something meaningful, we'll never know!!! See what you set into motion???) . Also, a HUGE thank you (again...) to my fellow attendees Mr. Boyd Tracy and Mr. Rich Germain --without their goading, I would not have even CONSIDERED creating a month-long ode to this event! If you haven't already, please help me thank them for their inspiration on the event wall

  Day one, and not only did I FORGET to Nad's the stache last night, but I also found a couple strays on my neck (MY NECK!!! WTH??). It's like the hair gods are shooting me a big "EFF YOU!!!".  I stand by my vow, though. No shaving (OR plucking!!). I sit. Nerve pain at a dull roar (right arm sporadically dropping to my side when the numbness travels down it...). Chin hairs that I KNOW are going to multiply at an astounding rate daily. Leg and pit hairs that really hardly ever get "the treatment" anyway--and when they do, Bruce thinks he's in for something special!  All this being said, at least the kids are in bed, and I was able to come up with a haiku (how many of YOU thought up a haiku tonight???).

That's all for now! Keep your chins up and your razors down!!!

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