Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rocking The Beard (Or Not...Whatev)

No Shave November!!! Do you know where YOUR facial hair is??? I do ;). And, thanks AGAIN to Mr. Rich Germain and Mr. Boyd Tracy -- without them, none of these fascinating facial hair blog posts would have happened....THANKS AGAIN, gents for the inspiration!!! (WAVEY WAVE!!!)
As I was (AGAIN!) loathing admiring my stache this morning, I began thinking about people who can ROCK facial hair. I am not one of them, but thankfully, my fuzzy upper lip doesn't detract from my dazzling smile, so that point is moot for yours truly ;). The absolute first person to enter my mind was the one and ONLY Mr. Chuck Norris . Second to come to mind was the one and ONLY Sir Sean Connery . These are the ONLY two celebrities that can pull it off WELL--and, quite honestly, there is absolutely NO age either of these men would reach that would make them any less sexy while rocking the facial hair! And--you know what?? Other celebs "try"...they really do. But, compared to these two, all of the others (TAKE NOTE, Joaquin Phoenix!!!!) look like this in my eyes...just sayin'.

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