Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Shave November Mid Month!

I know I PROMISED to blog every day regarding  No Shave November  EVERY day. However, this EFFING arthritic flare/heinously bulging disc has been taking up much of my free time -- dr.s, drugs, and such. Not to say I haven't found time to piss away some time on Farmville, but that has diminished. I am REALLY hoping that the event owner grants me permission to post a razor giveaway on his page--wouldn't that be cool? Very interesting to see if there will be responses. EVERYONE WHO IS INTERESTED, PLEASE ASK TOM!!

Anywho, back to the issue at hand. Apparently, I have the shittiest looking neck of a 42 yo that HASN'T been in a horrible car wreck. I have been seeking treatment through chiropractic and medically, and still, the pain and nerve damage persists. I really wasn't entertaining the thought of surgery (the mere thought of a cadaver bone FUSING a couple of my vertebrae just made my stomach lurch). When I went through, with the neurosurgeon, line by line of my MRI and SAW the almost flattening of my spinal cord, I was floored and scared at the same time. When I went to my appointment yesterday, the neurosurgeon had mentioned that he was consulting my case with one of his colleagues who thought I was the perfect candidate for a replacement disc (removal of the bad one, and insertion of a titanium one) that would still facilitate the movement that a fusion would prevent. Further, even though the discs above and below the worst disc were still damaged, therapy , traction, etc, would make it so that the chance of having to have further surgery in the future almost 0% (which is not the case with the fusion). I left very encouraged, and am now awaiting the call for my appointment to see the surgeon about the specifics....I really can't take this pain anymore, and I don't want to keep having to go to the ER or keep asking for pain pills (that I really can't take and effectively live my life!!!). PLEASE cross your fingers!

In the mean time, I will leave you with this. Your mid-month fuzz doesn't have to look this cute, but for cryin out loud SHARE! Inquiring minds want to see your patchy fuzz!

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