Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Snidely Whiplash

No Shave November, Day 2!!!   Thanks again to Rich Germain and Boyd Tracy  for their goading me into my month long tribute to keeping facial hair!

 What a day! I can't seem to keep Sedona clothed, but at least  she's starting to use the potty (yay!).

A VERY interesting discovery today! I was examining my stache with the magnifying mirror (curse those things....DAMN THEM!). I was actually counting the hairs   HAHAHAHAHA. Anywho, I happened to noticed that on the one side, a couple of my stache hairs are CURLED UPWARDS! What the hell!?
And, since I have absolutely no shame (first pregnancy pretty much eliminated any pesky shame I DID have), I will share a pic!
Now, nobody seems to notice the stache but me (again--CURSE that blasted magnifying mirror!), but isn't it interesting the way those two stache hairs curl up?? Sticking it out til December 1st though! Who knows...I may FINALLY perfect my Snidely Whiplash impression! Drat! DOUBLE Drat!!!

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