Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cruelty Free Fireflies In A Jar! How DOPE is this?!?!?!

Fireflies in a jar, you say? Why yes....YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!! AND--cruelty free!
Those of us that remember saving the mayo jars and poking the holes in the lid will fondly remember falling asleep watching the intermittent glow of the captured fireflies. We didn't know that we were scaring them, and dooming them... we were just FASCINATED by the gentle flickering of their bodies. 

All this technology in one little jar!

What better way to bring back that memory at ANY time of year than by using the technology of tiny LED's powered by rechargable solar batteries. 

Best part?? NO GUILT from giving little bug concussions from shaking the jar to get them to do our bidding! You can set it glow until all the absorbed energy is used, or only to illuminate when it is shaken (just like with the mayo jars in days of yore! 

I would think this would be astounding as a night light in any child's room, as well as  an interesting addition to a table on the back porch in the summer--I wonder how many fireflies it would attract,, to you know, have conversations with?

**I am a Bzzagent...and am REALLY hoping to be chosen for an upcoming campaign for this product**

That being said, please don't hold it against me for adding the pic of the creepy dude holding the lantern ;).

Makes you want one, doesn't it? 


    K_FeAtHeR said...

    That video is so awesome!

    Gothika said...

    Yay I love cruelty free items the poor fireflies get dizzy and die technology rules but most of all your post rules!