Wednesday, September 7, 2011

John Grisham-Thriller King!

JOHN, JOHN, HE'S OUR MAN, IF HE CAN'T WRITE IT NO ONE CAN!!!  You can ind out MORE about John Grisham HERE , but in the MEAN TIME............Settle for THIS!

I love love LOVE a good story!!! But nothing ruins a good story like an absolutely ABYSMAL storyteller/psuedoauthor/public speaker . Which is why I am SO glad that there are STILL amazing writers that exist that can REALLY captivate an audience with both their work AND their voice!  It's already been WELL established that I am a HUGE John Grisham fan (AND I am a bzzagent!), and let me tell you, it's NOT just for his written word! There is just something about his speaking voice that is just EXTREMELY engaging. Have you heard of his Ford Country Stories? I HIGHLY suggest reading the short stories, but this Youtube Playlist shows John Grisham REALLY gives intimate insights into his storytelling-his novels and more importantly, his process of gathering his short stories. I love hearing WONDERFUL authors talking about their works and their creative process, and with John Grisham, it doesn't exactly hurt that he has this AHmazing southern drawl that just makes you feel like you are sunk into an easy chair when listening to him talk.


John Grisham's first novel, A TIME TO KILL, went virtually unnoticed, in fact he resorted to selling the copies himself out of the back of his car. The book that made his career was THE FIRM, which became one of the bestselling novels of 1991. The movie rights were acquired by Paramount before the book was published.


The Firm

Published in 1991, The Firm is Grisham's first widely recognized book. It tells the story of Harvard Law School graduate Mitch McDeere and his dark experience at the Bendini, Lambert & Locke law firm in Memphis. Fresh out of school, he's drawn to The Firm's promise of financial security. But soon enough he learns it's part of the white collar operations of a Chicago crime family, and that each time an employee tries to leave The Firm, he's killed. So, will McDeere become the first lawyer to escape alive?   Learn more HERE . REALLY REALLY REALLY  hope that the  TV series based on the book really takes off!  <<<<-----SUPER excited about that!

You can find John Grisham HERE on Facebook too!  You should click through and stop by to  share your adoration (I'm sure he would appreciate it!)

**I am a bzzagent**- and a PROUD fan of who I consider to be one of the TOP 5 storytellers of this generation!**

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