Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Domino Project-Zig Ziglar's "Pick Four"

Kind of Hypnotizing, huh?

In the few months since I have been chosen to participate in the Domino Project by Bzzagent (by now, you all know I am a very active agent with Bzzagent, and I receive each and every book in exchange for my honest opinion of the book and the project). I have to say, that as of now, THIS BOOK (Pick Four) has become my absolute favorite. You may ask, "What would Zig Ziglar, a pioneer in sales training, have to offer me". I , in fact, asked myself the same exact question. I am, after all, just a person. BUT...I am a person who knows that there are things about me and about my life that NEED changing, and, while I am SUPER at setting goals, I am absolutely HORRIBLE at seeing them completely through. 

This book is a spiral bound book which is basically a week by week journal which not only lays out my desired goals (it asks me to choose 4 goals that I feel are attainable), but actually asks me every day what I did to get closer to my goals.

I own one of the books-each book covers a 12 week time period. I found that on Amazon , you can purchase the book in a 4 pack (which only seems logical, because the total amount of books can take you through almost a year of change that you can not only document but SEE as you re-read your entries).

Still don't know if I will end up ordering the 4 pack, but I can tell you that by having something here , right in front of me, being non-judgemental and totally absorbing my thought processes about the things I WANT to change about myself, I KNOW that I am more likely than not to attain at least one of my goals. 

Change is most definitely a process, and sometimes, a mindblowing one at that. And the LAST thing a person needs is outside roadblocks, when the HARDEST roadblocks to overcome are ALL internal. This book REALLY helps to not only explain that , but to help you take ownership of your life and your decisions.

At any rate, I can do nothing but highly recommend this particular Domino Project book, because it has become a much needed tool for me. It's less of a journal and more of a peak into my decision making processes. Hoping that someone finds this as helpful as I HAVE :)


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