Monday, September 20, 2010

30 Days Of Brenda #18 ("My Favorite Birthday")

My absolute favorite birthday would have to be my 38th birthday (previous to that one, my favorite birthday was my 20th....which came right before Heather was born!). I was just about due with Alexander. My birthday is the day after Valentine's day, so we normally combine the two into a dinner out. My husband took me out to dinner, and honestly, I could barely eat anything (Alex was a big baby, took up a LOT of room, so I had CONSTANT heart burn), so most of my dinner ended up in a doggie bag). The reason it happens to be my most favorite birthday was the fact that on that evening, I had a crying jag(not the sad kind, but the happy-pregnant kind when you are feeling all sappy and such). I had suddenly realized that I was 2 yrs away from 40, and I was feeling the same way I had when I was almost due with Heather 18 years before (Heather was also born the month after my birthday). It was like my life had come around full circle, and I was beginning my life "Part Deux".

After the divorce and spending several years back "out there" (and trust me when I say this..being "out there" in your thirties is NO picnic--pickins are slim!!), I had come to a point in my life where there was a realization that I would not be having any more children, and that I could focus my beautiful girls as they were becoming women. then, BAM.....all of that had changed. All of a sudden, I had become part of an "Us" again, and, then, DOUBLE BAM---I WAS STILL FERTILE AFTER ALL (who knew??? I had been told that the years of Depo shots had pretty much killed any chance I may have of having any more children)!!!. Oh...AND...2 years later, I was celebrating my big 4-OH while pregnant with beautiful Sedona :). Life is good, and good Karma does return to you when you send it out ;).

Isn't it funny how so much of who I am and what I love about my life centers around my children?

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