Saturday, September 25, 2010

30 Days Of Brenda #22 ("Something That Upsets You")...Sheeple are assholes...

Oh JEEBUZ it would be easier to just post something that DOESN'T upset me (but that's for the next post ;))

I really get upset by FAKERS and SHEEPLE.   "FAKERS" really piss me off. Really. How hard is it to be "yourself"? It would seem to me that it takes more energy to perform for people than to just be yourself. Who cares "what people think"? If you can't be the real "you" around a person, than that person is not worthy of the real "you"...period. SHEEPLE---Sheeple are just assholes. Quick description of a SHEEPLE--OPRAH'S BOOK CLUB. SERIOUSLY---if she says "READ IT", her sheeple READ IT!!!!  Don't be a's not a good look for anyone ;). Break away from the flock ;).

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