Wednesday, September 8, 2010

30 Days Of Brenda #6 ("Your Day")-Hump Day Havoc!

Hi all, and Happy Hump Day!!!!  Today we get to re-visit my day. We had to drive to Allentown Airport to pick Heather up from her flight back from Florida. She went to visit her sister Jessica, (and of course her dad and step mom ) who is recovering from a horrible leg injury sustained in a bad car accident.

Before we had left, Bruce had surmised that it would only take about an hour each way of travel. He also thought we should "all" go to pick her up (Bruce, me, Alex, and Sedona). Both of those decisions added together created a slightly pissy attitude from Bruce on the way back to Harrisburg, due to the delay caused by (A)him missing the PLAINLY signed road to turn into the airport, (B) the fact that it took a little over an hour and a half to get there, and (C) the fact that we had to stop to both go to the bathroom and feed the yungins (how DARE they want to get OUT of their car seats and want lunch, right?!?!).

Normally, even given all this, he wouldn't have been "that" pissy, but he was also having to make the drive out to Pittsburgh with his mother for the funeral of his great aunt this afternoon (at least 4 hrs). They should almost  be there by now, hoping to hear from him soon.

His attitude changed as he was on his way out the door kissing me goodbye (he must be looking forward to jumping into his uncle's pool tonight). You know, since our very first date, we have never gone 24 hours without seeing each other...and even though he normally doesn't make it home from work until about 4am anyway, it will be particularly hard to be alone tonight. No Heather (she's gone to be with her boyfriend tonight(after not seeing each other for 4 days, I don't blame them ;)--young love, right??), and no Bruce--just me and the little ones (and NO CAR!!! HE HAS IT!!!).

Sedona wouldn't take her nap today, so I knew she would be hitting her wall early. Alexander did his nightly meltdown early tonight (probably because he was angry that daddy and Pama "forgot" to take him too, as he stated OVER AND OVER this evening...) so they were set up with their pre-bedtime movie (Winnie The Pooh) by 6:30.

WHOLE body hurting today (not sure what's going on there, hope I'm not catching anything!!), waiting for the Aleve to kick in, then, I think I'm going to hit the Ambien because I foresee a very difficult night getting to sleep.

Which brings us pretty much up to the minute with  my day--hope it was as "fun" for you as it was for me! ;)

Stay tuned for tomorrow, where you will get to learn about my "Best Friend"  (I know you can't wait!!!)

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